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Advil® PM Means No More Tossing And Turning

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Advil PM
Diaries of a Suffering School Business Administrator
When I successfully followed my dream of becoming a School Business Administrator, I knew it would be a stressful job with long hours, but I failed to anticipate that my health would fail to back me up! Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoyed my job (still do) and its challenges. Everything was hunky dory for the first few months and my bosses were more than satisfied with what I brought to the table.

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Life before Advil® PM…

I refer to those happy months as the “honeymoon period”.  I had no idea I would literally go through so much agony afterwards. It started innocently with a tingling sensation at the back of my neck, which I dismissed as a minor strain. Staring at computers for hours at a stretch can really make the shoulders, neck, and back go stiff. Slowly, the pain spread to my shoulders while increasing in intensity. Ignoring those symptoms (a huge blunder), I continued my duties, hoping the ache was temporary and would go away soon enough. I couldn’t be more wrong! Within weeks, the pain had worsened to a great degree. I couldn’t sit or stand without wincing and moving my neck and shoulders required a massive effort. Due to excruciating pain, I had a tough time sleeping at night – I would toss and turn for hours, silently willing the ache to stop plaguing me. I wound up fatigued and exhausted in the morning without sleeping a wink! Needless to say, it affected my performance big time – I wasn’t in danger of getting fired, but I realized I would have to seek some kind relief or everything will go downhill.
My savior in distress!

I really wish I had consulted a doctor before – I would have slept better and not wasted time. Advil® PM was a godsend for me! It is the amalgamation of two active components – diphenhydramine citrate and ibuprofen, which relieves pain respectively and helps you sleep at night.  Taking two tablets at bedtime caused remarkable improvements – within the first week the pain was significantly less, and could I sleep soundly for 4 to 5 hours at least.

For me, it is extremely effective for treating muscle pains, stiff neck, lower back pain, etc. It is not to be confused with sleeping medications.  To sum up, Advil® PM eases pain, which can reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, and therefore increase the duration of sleep.  Please don’t self-diagnose – the dosage might differ in your case, so discuss it with your doctor before consuming.  You can turn to for a COUPON and more information.