RFID Blocking Sleeves by #BLOCKIT

RFID Blocking Sleeves by BlockIt

Within the last few years, digital pickpocketing has grown tremendously. About two months ago, a family member was a victim of digital pickpocketing. I guess this is a growing problem and if you’re not proactive about protecting your credit cards, you could be the next victim.



I was doing my research online and was reading a great deal about RFID wallets. The only problem with them is that they are big, bulky, and not fashionable at all. I knew I wanted a RFID blocking device but I didn’t want any of the ugly looking wallets.


I came across the RFID Blocking Sleeves by BLOCKIT RFID Products, Inc. and decided to check them out. Instead of having to walk around with a giant, clunky wallet, you simply can place your credit cards in the sleeves and you’re protected. Simple as that.



The reviews online seemed quite promising and It seemed that everyone who has previously used them are loving them. With the positive reviews in mind, I decided to purchase a few sleeves and test them out.



These RFID blocking sleeves are absolutely amazing. The car designs made the sleeves look really unique and fashionable. After looking at the specific details, the sleeves themselves are constructed with 3-Layer Construction Offers Aluminum Interior, Copper Middle Layer and Glossy Outer Shell. The best part about these sleeves is that they fit perfectly into any wallet.


Overall, I’m truly satisfied with these RFID sleeves. I knew I wanted something to protect me against digital pickpocketing but I didn’t want to walk around with a brick in my back pocket. The RFID sleeves are fashionable, affordable, and safe.


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