Gentle Breezes™ Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser #gentlebreezes

Gentle Breezes Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser


I had been having issues sleeping for some time and I was given this diffuser by Gentle Breezes™ . The design itself was simple, complete and highly functional. The packaging is something that truly stands out. Beyond the professional packaging is the unit. Although the product seemed smaller than I originally expected, the diffuser worked wonderfully. I actually am glad it is smaller than I originally thought because it takes up less space. The diffuser works for almost 7 ½ hours every time which is perfect for night time. The cord is super long and allows for flexible placement.


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Another cool feature was the included eBook. There are quite a few recipes that are included in the book itself and I’ll be sure to go through it more thoroughly when I have more time.


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Long story short, if you’re looking for an affordable oil diffuser, I highly recommend Gentle Breezes™ Essential Oil Diffuser. The product works great and is a perfect fit for any nightstand or table.


I now have this essential oil diffuser at our seasonal campsite in Maine.  It is the perfect solution for a camper that gets closed up every week.  This diffuser can easily make the camper smell nice and cozy very quickly rather than a stale closed up camper.  Plus this diffuser can actually handle the heavier citrus essential oils like lemon and orange – my two favorites.


We often get a little stuffy (sinuses) when we head up north.  I am sure it is due to environmental allergies and all the pollen hitting just a little bit later up there but I expect this diffuser will help with some of those issues.  For now I have left it up in Maine to be used during our weekend excursions.  That is where we have time to relax and really take time for ourselves.  I associate this diffuser with total relaxation and taking the time to do something for me!
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