11 in 1 Credit Card Wallet Knife – Essential Tool For Emergencies #rayburnfishing


11 in 1 Credit Card Wallet Knife 


The 11 in 1 Credit Card Wallet Knife is the most compact, lightweight survival knife. It’s made from a single piece of high quality material that makes it very durable and includes 11 very useful tools and it is small enough to be stored in a wallet.


This credit card size knife is made 100% stainless steel and all lettering has been etched into the surface for lasting durability. Whether you are camping, hiking, fishing or a survivalist, you are sure to appreciate all these tools:


  • Knife edge
  • Slotted Screwdriver
  • Can opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Saw
  • Ruler
  • Four-position wrench
  • Butterfly wrench
  • Ancillary direction indicator
  • 2-position wrench
  • Keychain holder




It comes with its own stylish looking black case and its dimensions are 2.68″ x 1.78″ x 0.079″. It weighs less than a couple ounces, but don’t let its size fool you.


Key features of the 11 in 1 Credit Card Wallet Knife


  • Conceal 11 useful tools and fits in a wallet or survival bag
  • Made from high quality, stainless steel
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy design
  • Etched on markings and lettering


My Final Thoughts


I was making plans for an upcoming camping trip with the family and I making a list of the important items I would to pack. I was never a Boy Scout, but I know enough about being prepared, so when I saw the 11-in-1 Credit Card Wallet Knife, I knew I just had to have it with us.


Its compact size and multiple uses was exactly what we would need. It would end up being very handy for a number of reasons. While I did not find a use for all eleven tools, I did make use of several. What I really liked about it was that despite it being lightweight, the all-stainless steel construction held up to everything I needed it for.


Several of the tools made it possible to do some emergency repairs on my fishing reel. Using the flat tip screwdriver and wrench I was able to quickly save the day and the bottle opener was a bonus. It is nice to know that it has a bunch of other tools and it fits neatly inside a wallet, pocket or purse.


If you are looking for a multipurpose, survival knife, the 11 in 1 Credit Card Wallet Knife will definitely do the trick. Just click here to see it for yourself.


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