Guest Post by Artist Dana Sibilsky



Guest Post by Dana Sibilsky

The Importance of Making Art and Culture More Accessible and Entertaining

When I first started blogging, I was not quite sure what I was precisely trying to accomplish. I certainly did not think it was something that I could make a career out of, but what started as a part-time hobby has now become a full-time endeavor that hardly seems like work. While much has changed since I founded my website, the one thing that has remained the same at is my focus on promoting art and culture while also attempting to make it more accessible to a wider audience.


As an artist, I have always been deeply interested in the work of others and am quite fond of discovering the varied processes used by different artists. In reading about these processes on the blogs of various art critics, I began to feel that there was a sort of disconnect that was keeping those with just a casual or passing interest in the art world on the outside looking in. I did not think this was intentional or malicious in any way, but it seemed like artists, critics and commentators simply forgot how important it is for art and culture to be accessible to society as a whole.


It was for this reason that I founded my personal blog. I am very passionate about the arts and society’s connection to culture and I wanted to share how I felt with as many people who were interested. I decided to share my thoughts and insights in a way that was most accessible, explaining my beliefs and opinions in the simplest and most direct manner possible. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and I have received a great deal of feedback from my readers who had previously felt that this was a subject that was just “over their head.”


I think too many people in the art world operate as if their audience ought to have an expansive knowledge of art and culture if they wish to truly enjoy a work of art. This could not be further from the truth, of course, as the best works of art can be appreciated on multiple levels and are appealing to observers for a multitude of reasons. I hope that through my blog I have made the world of art and culture more accessible and entertaining for those who may not have an MFA but still wish to enjoy some of the “finer things in life.”


2 thoughts on “Guest Post by Artist Dana Sibilsky

  1. Joe Plato says:

    Beautifully written. It’s so comforting to me to find more people interested in the arts, but more comforting to find someone with passion.

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