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SLIMQUICK pure Drink Mix – Mixed Berries to Help With Weight Loss Efforts

Slimquick Pure Mixed Berries
I know that I am not the only woman out there who struggles with her weight. Especially for moms, weight and health battles are only too real. We are so busy taking care of everyone else and making sure that they are healthy that we tend to neglect our own health until something becomes an issue. In addition to putting off health care, we are so busy driving our kids everywhere, making sure that they get to activities, sports and social gatherings, not to mention camp and the beach in the summer, that we don’t always plan healthy, balanced meals for ourselves. That is why I am really happy with SlimQuick Pure Extra Strength Mixed Berry Drink Mix – it is a dietary supplement that is delicious, convenient, simple to prepare, and promotes weight loss.
One of the thing that I like best about the SlimQuick Pure Extra Strength Mixed Berry Drink Mix is that it is formulated specifically for women. As anyone who has ever gone on a diet with their husband can tell you, men and women lose weight in VERY different ways. Men seem to think about losing weight and it melts off, while women can diet and exercise and swear off sweets and the needle on the scale barely moves. There is a reason for this, and it is not that men are evil! As a woman, our bodies are designed for carrying, bearing and nourishing children. That is a pretty amazing accomplishment when you think about it, but it doesn’t make it easier to deal with that baby belly you may still have when your youngest starts middle school. SlimQuick understands that men’s and women’s bodies work differently, so they don’t expect one product to work equally well for both. They have designed their Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix to work with a woman’s body chemistry and composition to increase her metabolism and facilitate weight loss. SlimQuick directly addresses the six reasons that women have difficulty losing weight: metabolism, appetite, low energy, stress, hormones, and water retention.
SlimQuick Pure Extra Strength Mixed Berry Drink Mix has natural ingredients that help to speed up your metabolism and give you energy without using harsh, dangerous chemicals. The main ingredients are antioxidants, calcium, Vitamin D and BioPure Green TeaTM – the fat burning component of green tea. These ingredients combine to increase your metabolism, control your appetite, reduce stress, support normal hormone actions, boost energy, and reduce excess water. I really like the extra energy that the supplement gives me, and it is very easy and convenient to use. You simply mix one powder packet into 16.9 oz. of cold water. One box comes with 26 packets. The taste is great, and it helps control cravings and curb stress eating.
Give with SlimQuick Pure Extra Strength Mixed Berry Drink Mix a try – when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, it can give you 3 times the weight loss that you would otherwise have over three weeks. It is designed for a woman’s body, and takes into account the difficulties that women have with losing weight. And if you need another reason – it just tastes great.

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  • Michele

    I have been retaining water at an unbelievable rate lately–my poor lower legs and ankles are swollen all out of proportion. This sounds like it would be worth a try to see if this water retention STOPS!!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    This sounds like a drink mix I truly would love to try indeed. I need to loose a few pounds and definitely need the metabolism boost. Slimquick I will be trying for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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