Digital Ceramic Flat Iron #isaprofessional For Smooth Straight Hair

Digital Ceramic Flat Iron

ISA Professional Digital Flat Iron

Having wavy hair isn’t always the greatest thing in the world. Hello, humidity? Mere seconds out in the damp air and my hair is a wonderland of frizz. A lot of my friends have straight hair, and while they have always been envious of my waves, I miss my straight locks – I grew up with the straightest of straight hair. Never have I found a straightener that does the job quite as well as the ISA Professional Digital Flat Iron.


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Unlike most flat irons, the ISA Professional Digital Flat Iron actually works. There isn’t some dial with numbers 1-10 that make you guess at which level you should be at and hope for the best. This flat iron has a digital thermometer so you can pick exactly what temperature you need and want for your hair. Everyone’s hair is different, and I love that level of control.




The ceramic plates are incredible, too. They aren’t just ceramic coated plates, which makes a huge difference. Before, I would forever have creases in my hair from where the plates weren’t evenly warm across their entire surface, and it drove me crazy! The ISA Digital Flat Iron doesn’t leave those creases, because its plates keep an even heat surface throughout. In no time at all, I have straight, even hair – it’s practically magic.

Even the cord makes it easier to use, because it turns with you so it doesn’t get tangled in itself. Plus, the auto shut off feature is a must for me, given how many times I forget to turn off my things before I leave.

Perhaps my favorite thing about the flat iron is that it doesn’t just straighten. Granted, I don’t have a need for a tool to make waves, so I’m not sure just how well that aspect of it works, but I can tell you that I made some incredible curls with the flat iron. Since my hair isn’t straight or curly – and falls somewhere in between – I am only too glad to have a tool that lets me both straighten my unruly waves or turn them into tighter, beautiful curls. It took a few times to get the hang of it, but the ISA Professional Digital Flat Iron is a great and versatile tool to have on your beauty shelf.


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  1. Kelly says:

    I am also very glad that I have a tool that allows me to straighten my naughty waves and transform them into tighter and more beautiful curls. Ceramics are known for their ability to retain heat and heat evenly, which reduces the likelihood of hair injury from heat.

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