The Man Sham Helps Take Care of My Baby #mansham

The Man Sham


I got this Man Sham a week ago. I couldn’t be happier with it. This Sham Chamois Cloth has been the best shammy I’ve used in years (and I’ve used well over a dozen). Everyone online seems to be raving about this product because it sucks up and absorbs water likes a vacuum.




The unique design of its pore structure is the secret to its superior drying ability.  The cell structure is more uniform and connected in order to allow this chamois to soak up a lot of moisture and once it is saturated – you simply wring it out.

It is lint free, so you can avoid the lint left behind on your freshly washed vehicle and it is so soft and will prevent scratches to your vehicle’s finish.




I’ve been using this guy when drying off my car, and its been working wonderfully. Even when the cloth seems to be fully soaked, it still continues to absorb more water. I don’t know why this specific shammy works so well, but seriously this works amazingly well.

If you’re looking for a high quality shammy that will absorb water and will last a long time, I highly recommend this one. It works great, doesn’t seem to have any odors, and soaks up water like a champ. I recommend this product for anyone looking to absorb any surface!


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