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Liquid Caffeine Gives You That Energy Boost – Add to Your Favorite Drinks #LiqiudCaffeine

Liquid Caffeine by Liquid Energy


Being the busy person that I am, I needed something that would allow me to keep pushing through the entire day. I’ve tried coffee and other energy drinks, but they weren’t right for me. The added sugars and unhealthy additives turned me off to the ideas of coffee and energy drinks.


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Liquid Caffeine is clean energy and clean caffeine with no sugar, no added chemicals, no gut rot, and best of all no crash! You get a steady stream of energy from the caffeine without the “crash” or ups and downs caused by typical energy drinks. Turn your favorite drink into an energy drink with Liquid Caffeine! Simply add the desired amount to your drink and feel the burst of energy that lasts all day!


One 16oz bottle contains caffeine equivalents to:

100 8oz cups of coffee

100 cans of Redbull

50 cans of Monster

58 5hr energy drinks




I was recommended the Liquid Caffeine and I decided to try it out. By simply pouring the liquid caffeine into any drink of you’re choosing and become re-energized! The product itself comes in 2 flavors; regular and sweet. I took the regular flavor and absolutely love it. There is virtually not taste when you add it to your favorite drink and it actually wakes you up.


add to your favorite drink


Additionally, I purchased the pump that allows for exact measurement of 83 milligrams of caffeine (1 cup of coffee).

The product is simple, keeps me energized, and extremely affordable. I have no complaints and I highly recommend this product if you’re considering an alternative caffeine supply!




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