What Was Your First Instrument? Traveling the World With My Harmonica

Traveling the world with my harmonica


I always wonder what was the first instrument a person picked up as a child.  You don’t have to be a musician to answer this question – everyone has some sort of first instrument memory.  For example, in first grade I distinctly remember triangles and tambourines.  But those are not my earliest memories.  My earliest memories are picking up my grandfather’s accordion.  That thing was too heavy for me to lift so I did my best sitting in a rocking chair and created many memories with that accordion.

However, another great memory is the first instrument I purchased with my own money.  That was a harmonica. Since then I have purchased many harmonicas and so have my kids.  It is one of the easiest instruments to carry around.  But if we ever become proficient with the harmonica we are definitely going to need a madcat to make it all come together!  I can’t think of any trip I went on as a child where I did not have my harmonica safely in my pocket.  Yup, those are the memories…

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