Motion Sensor LED Night Light #cosmicallysolar

Motion Sensor LED Night Light



This night light has an intelligent passive infra-red (PIR) sensor that detects body heat and movement from 15ft. away. On auto mode the light will only activate in a dark environment. If it detects any light at all, it will not turn on thus conserving its battery life. The super bright and reliable 18-lumen LEDs are adjustable for a perfect aim angle.




My son wanted this motion sensor night light so badly.  He immediately used the double sided tape option to hang it by his desk in his room – now when he tries walking in his room over his piles (yes he is 14) – the night light comes on and immediately lights his way through all of his stuff to his bed.  The first time I walked in I was amazed with how bright it is.  It actually caught me by surprise.  I may purchase another one of these because we have a stairwell landing that does not have a light and we constantly stumble off that bottom step.  This would totally be the perfect solution!


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