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SleepTight Mask by G7


Goodnight, Sleep Tight

There it was – we got the phone call that a child was available for us to take in for potential adoption.  The call came when we least expected it.  My husband and I were thrilled – yes, I had read up on the different symptoms and how they can take a toll on you, but frankly it didn’t bother me at all. I was confident about breezing through the next few months.

Oh yeah sure…!!!

The problems began just after my first trimester. Not only did I tire easily, but sleep evaded me big time! I would toss and turn all night and only to drift off during dawn. Moreover, my husband would sometimes work late, and the light from his laptop was a hindrance to say the least. Also a street light just outside our window that would usually cast a small beam through our bedroom– a fact that I barely noticed – irritated the hell out of me, and the worst part was I couldn’t just switch it off!




Thank the lord for this solution!

My sympathies for new and expecting mothers – I am now aware of how sleep affects you. I turned into Lady Hitler due to lack of sleep, and with my hormones out of control, my husband, friends, and even co-workers took the hit. Luckily, my cousin intervened and recommended this top quality sleep mask. She confessed having the same problems during her pregnancy, and how this mask helped her to sleep peacefully.


My solace…

The sleep mask was just what I needed – made using soft and comfy material, it felt like I was in a beauty salon with cotton balls over my eyes. At last, I could experience blissful slumber without any sort of disturbance, and I literally “slept like a baby”. This mask is a must-have – here’s why:

Suitable for everyone – it can be used by men and women (exclusive use not restricted to pregnant or nursing women).

Say goodbye to sleepless nights – the sleep pillow creates an isolated, tranquil environment that helps you relax, soothes frayed nerves, eases headaches and eventually lulls you to sleep.

A Velcro strap lets you adjust the shades as per your convenience and ensures the mask stays in place throughout the night.

No light can seep through as it blocks all light sources from all directions.

Snug fit – the mask covers your eyes perfectly and is light as a feather.

The material is soft and comfortable – rest assured you won’t feel dryness, itching, or any uneasy sensation.

The sleep mask comes in a pack of two at an extremely reasonable price with a 60-day guarantee. Remember – you need a good nights’ rest enjoy robust health, or else it will start affecting both mental and physical fitness. Order now!




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