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Kool Smiles

Pediatric Dental Health


My son has autism and dental visits can be traumatic for him.  However, the right pediatric dentist can make all the difference.  And there isn’t much I enjoy more than those opportunities where he shows me his full smile!  Isn’t he a cutie!  So here are some tips for you too…


Benefits of Seeing a Pediatric Dentist

As a parent, you want to give your child the best of everything that you can. When it comes to healthy teeth, taking your child to see a pediatric dentist like Kool Smiles is the best choice for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at the benefits of seeing a pediatric dentist over a general family dentist.

Specialized Training

The preparation to become a dentist that works specifically with children is more rigorous than that of general dentistry. In addition to four or more years of dental school education, pediatric dentists must undergo a residency of two more years in which they learn practices specifically tailored toward infants, children and adolescents. Because these dentists work exclusively with children, they are more likely to be able to put your children at ease also and to treat them in the most effective manner.

Comfortable Surroundings

Not only is the dentist specially trained to treat children and make them feel comfortable, but the dentist’s office is set up for the comfort of kids, as well. There is usually smaller furniture available that is just the right size for kids to sit on comfortably. Toys and children’s books can keep a youngster occupied and help to forget about any anxiety for a bit. In addition, there will almost always be other children around to play and interact with, helping to reduce fears.

Lifelong Oral Health

Seeing a dentist who is trained specifically to work with children can actually lead to long-term positive dental effects. Because pediatric dentists know how to approach children in a way that puts them at ease, your child is less likely to develop a fear of dentists. Once a fear develops in childhood, it can persist throughout a person’s life, causing them to avoid seeing the dentist. Visiting a pediatric dentist will help to start your child off on the right path to lifelong oral health and hygiene.

Unique Treatment

Pediatric dentists provided care that is unique to children. One such example is infant oral health exams. Treating a baby’s dental needs is much different than that of an adult, or even a child. Pediatric dentists are educated in the treatment of children of all ages. They are also prepared to treat issues related uniquely to children’s needs. A growing child first has baby teeth, which often require a different kind of treatment than adult teeth. There are also issues such as overbite or teeth growing in crooked which are children’s issues.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to seeing a pediatric dentist. Your child will receive care suited to his or her young needs and is likely to be put more comfortably at ease with a dentist who specializes in treating children. All of this leads to a lifelong commitment to dental health.


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