Dog Training Collar by Cujo Control #cujocontrol

Dog Training Collar by Cujo Control


Dog Training Collar by Cujo Control


Dog is said to be mans best friend and this statement has been proven time after time over many generations. Dogs are service animals, protection assistants, used in the police for, to help with rescues, and simply as a companion. Everywhere you look a dog can, and normally is involved. So what do you do when your dog is not as well behaved as all of these examples?




Maybe they don’t come when called, eat your shoes, destroy the house, don’t listen to commands, or bark at everything that moves. Sometimes people get so discouraged with this that they feel there is no option but to give up their companion to someone or someplace they feel is better equipped to handle them. This should never be a thought to any pet lover and Cujo Control has created a product for training that will insure it never has to be. That is their Cujo Control Dog Training Collar.




Now I understand that a lot of people have a bias toward any form of training collar due to people that have misused them, and that is exactly the case, they were misused by uneducated individuals. The reality is that a training collar such as the Cujo Control Dog Training Collar is the perfect way to train any animal to become the most well behaved, trusted companion that you never have to worry about on and off the leash. The Cujo Control Dog Training collar can fit any dog from 10lbs to 150lbs and with a neck size of any where from 8 inches to 21 inches in diameter. Making it the perfect fit for any companion.




This collar has 8 levels of shock and vibration to allow you make the proper adjustments for any situation. The LED backlight ranges up to 800M to insure that you can always keep an eye on your dog. Which is not only a plus but also a normal safety concern in and out of the yard. Unlike most training color designs the Cujo Control design comes with sound transmitters that allow you to always be keeping communication open to make for even easier training. Most dogs will see a 180 change in their interaction and performance after using this safe and tested training method.




You will no longer have to stay at home and be embarrassed about how your four legged companion acts around others and yourself. You will be more than happy to go out on hikes, to the dog park, and even be comfortable with your dog staying home alone once you used the Cujo Control Dog Training Collar.


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