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Luminous C Serum by Anaiti® For Healthy Feeling and Looking Skin




Luminous C Serum by Anaiti®

Luminious C Serum by Anaiti is an age spot remover and dark spot corrector that also works to lighten skin irregularities due to rosacea, acne scars and freckles.  How does it do this effectively?  Through boosting collagen and reducing pigmentation with peptides.  With the added benefit of Matrixyl it is able to brighten the skin and even the tones.


I am not a huge user of makeup.  I wish I was but I have all I can do to get the kids moving in the morning and out the door to camp or school.  But in either case my goal with makeup isn’t to become glamorous – I actually have really good skin.  But I am getting a little older and there are now some discolorations that I am starting to notice and I can honestly say I am not too pleased with the changes.  They aren’t so bad just yet but enough that I notice them.

This pigmentation changing is exactly why I need (want) this Luminious C Serum by Anaiti.  It gets some of those pigmentation changes and dark eye circles under control so my skin looks much better even when I am not wearing makeup.  My skin looks so much more smooth and more evenly colored.  It is also helpful at this moment because my skin is much darker than during the winter months due to being more tan.  We are outdoors all the time so even with sunscreen – we are plenty tan.  My makeup supply is ideal for my natural skin – not tanned skin…




It is also at this time of year when my skin may normally not appear to be as hydrated as it is during the winter months.  This serum helps my skin look healthy and hydrated while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  My skin actually looks much more youthful.   Doesn’t everyone want to look more youthful?  I am not trying to turn back the hands of time necessarily but youthful skin also looks much more healthy.  They tend to go hand in hand.  Not only does my skin look more healthy – it even feels more healthy!  And I want my skin to look and feel as healthy as possible.  You?
We stand by the quality of our Luminous Serum. Your satisfaction are our priority, which is why we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!



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