My Gourmet Tuna Packs – Low Calorie, High Protein and Healthy

My Gourmet Tuna



My Gourmet Tuna Packs 


I love tuna – all kinds of tuna!  I am not kidding when I say I probably eat it at least 5-7 times per week.  That seems like alot but it isn’t the same variety of tuna every day.  Sure, sometimes it is your basic tuna, mayo, celery, scallions etc… But other times I love tuna packs.




My Gourmet Tuna Packs are available in six varieties such as Tuna Salad, Rosemary & Sun Dried Tomatoes, Celery & Relish, Jalapeno and Chunky Tomato, Mild Spicy, and Capers and Onions.  All packs include the flavored tunas as well as crackers.




I love these tuna packs.  They taste great with so many flavor options.  But what I like best is that they are high in protein.  I am not a meat eater and I rarely eat seafood – except TUNA.  But just as important there are no preservatives in these packs.  I can take them anywhere I go.  So when I need to stop for fast food for the kids because of all their afterschool activities… not at all a problem for me because I can just enjoy My Gourmet Tuna Pack!  My favorite flavor is the Mild Spicy but I can honestly say I love them all.  These are low calorie, high protein and they are healthy.  They make for the perfect light lunch or midday snack.


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I was able to find these packs at Stop and Shop.  Please check your local retailer to see if they have some available or you can purchase directly on Amazon


My Gourmet’s Mission Statement

“It is our Chef’s mission to create delicious recipes for today’s busy life, for people who are on the go, for people who don’t wish to sacrifice quality meals for lack of time. These products are prepared to provide you the convenience and ability to make a wide variety of delicious meals in minutes!”


All of their tuna is Dolphin Safe Tuna.


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