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LED Jogging/Walking/Cycling Belt by ILLUMISEEN #Illumiseen

LED JoggingWalkingCycling Belt by ILLUMISEEN


More and more people are getting into a healthier life style and with that frame of thought in mind each day a new type of fun run or running event is popping up. This means more people are taking up running as their form of exercise in conjunction with their new and improved healthy lifestyle.





On that note it is common for day workers to run at night, and most of the time this is alone. When it is dark out it is very hard to see someone that is in nothing more than a commonly dark jogging outfit. The task is made even more dangerous when you add in the fact that 90% of runners workout with music devices and head phones in which keeps them from being alerted that a vehicle or another individual is near by. So it is our duty to insure our own safety and Illumiseen is assisting with this personal safety agenda. They have recently released their product called the LED reflective belt. The LED reflective belt is perfect for all members of the family from mom, dad, to the children. The LED reflective belt from Illumiseen fully adjustable and lightweight, which is why it is great for anyone in the family. With this product you will not have to worry about complicated charging or reflective tape that really does not reflect as well as you would hope. Instead all you have to do to re-charge this wonderful LED reflective belt is to use the micro-usb charger that comes with every purchase for Illumiseen’s LED reflective belt. The charger is so powerful that it will hold a 34 hour charge for every 2-hour charge. On top of that this belt allows you to be seen up to a full mile away, is up to 40% more reflective than a normal reflective vest, and to make the deal even better Illumiseen gives you a 100% better than money guarantee.




In other words you are covered for up to one year. If you do not like the product for any reason with in that span of time you will receive a 100% compensation with no questions asked. So pick from the bright green, amazing blue, or vibrant red options and start exercising safe today. After all your safety is determined on your own investments first. So make yourself visible and get to jogging, biking, hiking, or whatever else gets you moving.




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