ZenKid Car Kick Mat #zenkidcarkickmat

ZenKid Car Kick Mat


ZenKid Car Kick Mat


Every parent knows that once the little ones come alone it is bye bye sports car and hello mom (or dad) mobile. Along with this normally comes the constant, almost religious cleaning of your vehicle. Which means the time consuming and aggravating scrubbing of the backs of your once clean seats. Whether it is grime from the bottoms of shoes, food that got loose from little hands, or that unknown green mark that could really be anything, it is a parent’s nightmare.





Don’t you worry though, the struggle is now over thanks to ZenKid and their Car Kick Backs and Deluxe Seat Back Covers. These kick mats are made extra long in order to cover as much of your seat back as possible and are designed to fit all types of vehicles and SUVs to insure no parent is left behind. Installation is easy; all you have to do is clip the lower strap around the back of the seat and then the top strap under the headrest. This will keep the seat back cover secure around the seat to insure its protection. The constant cleaning will be a thing of the past as soon as you finish installation. The waterproof, easy to clean fabric takes no more effort than a simple wipe with a wet cloth or throw into the washer. Because unlike most seat covers the ZenKid process is machine washable, another bonus to parents who do not have the time, or extra money to pay for a professional cleaner.




As an extra bonus every ZenKid Car Kick Backs and Deluxe Seat Back Covers come with a built in storage sleeve. No more having to worry about your child’s favorite stuffed animal going missing. Their books being strewed all over the back seat or fussing over the loss of a binky in the middle of a record breaking fuss. You and your child will always have everything you or them need no farther away than an arm reach. You have hard enough of a job being a parent, though one of the most rewarding. Stop spending time and money keeping the car scrubbed down. When using ZenKid’s Car Kick Backs and Deluxe Seat Back Covers two pack you can save that time and money to be spent on your family and fun. Take back your life! If you are not 100% happy with the product ZenKid provides a 100% money back guarantee.


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