Swim Goggles by POFINITY #pofinitygoggles

Swim Goggles by POFINITY


Swim Goggles by POFINITY

I have been looking for a nice pair of goggle for swimming in a pool as well as lakes and beaches.  I love this time of year when burning calories, exercising and doing everything outdoors is just so much fun.   But I have tried so many pairs of goggles and either they leak or they fog up right away.  I never had a problem with just opening my eyes under water but after all my eye surgeries I am not doing my eyes any favors with the chlorine, sea water or possible bacteria.


These goggles are comfortable – they fit the contours of my face perfectly with plenty of cushioning.  So far no leaks – they fit snugly and they don’t loosen up through wearing them.  I make them as tight as I want – and they stay that way.  They are mirrored which definitely helps.  Ever since I had several eye surgeries, I absolutely must wear eyewear that reflects the bright sunlight.  These have a wide viewing angle so I can even see things in my peripheral vision which is very helpful since my swimming is generally in some sort of public pool, lake or beach.  We don’t own a pool or have access to anything where I can just swim totally uninterrupted or unhindered.




These goggles come complete with a hard shell case to keep them from getting scratched up while just being thrown into a bag.  Now I have tried many pairs of goggles over the last six years – for me as well as the kids.  Some pairs I have paid pretty large amounts of cash for.  But these are fairly inexpensive and work great.  I am officially sold.


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