FSL Reflex Bluetooth Sport Earbuds #FSLReflexBluetoothSportEarbuds

FSL Reflex Bluetooth Sport Earbuds


FSL Reflex Bluetooth Sport Earbuds

Have you ever had an iphone with the headphone jack broken?  I have – not at the moment but in the past I had.  Then what do you do?  That is just one of many many reasons to have a set of FSL Reflex Bluetooth Sport Earbuds.




These are perfect for running, working out (indoor our outdoors) or for me – when I am cleaning and just don’t want those pesky wires.  I hate cleaning – I can get through it without “hating” it if I am at least listening to music and enjoying that time.  This set of earbuds is easy to pair with your bluetooth device and then I have freedom to roam about while cleaning or doing yard work.  These are a terrific pair of earbuds!




The design is a minimalistic design, black and very comfortable.  It used to be I would go for a walk (which of course I had to listen to music or an audiobook) and as my arms would swing they would catch the wires.  Several times my cell phone went flying as a result of that “catching” on the wire.  These earbuds come complete with a nice hard case with different size tips so you have total comfort when using them.  The case zips to insure nothing is lost – everything is kept in one place and when I throw the case in my purse – they are all safe.  They are even water resistant so I don’t need to worry about sweat or rain.


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