LED Lantern By Galactic Lighting #GalacticLighting

LED Lantern by Galactic Lighting



LED Lantern By Galactic Lighting 

If you camp you know how important a good lantern is.  Life at a campground does not quiet down when the sun sets – instead it actually picks up when it gets dark – campfires, get togethers, friends, family and lots of quality time.  But sometimes you still need to venture away from the campfire and you need a good lantern to make that safe and possible.




This Galactic Lighting LED Micro Lantern is so bright and is very light weight.  My kids love it because they can use it to read or play their games at night.  It is definitely portable and incredibly useful.   It is small enough that we can put it in a backpack for our hikes and it uses AA batteries rather than those really big heavy batteries – that no one ever has a spare of and definitely no one wants to add that weight to a backpack.  It is made of plastic – a tough plastic, not some flimsy stuff that will break apart with the slightest bump.  The handle is a nice large size handle so the kids do not lose their grip.  My daughter even rides her bike with it by simply placing it in her bike basket – it is bright enough to light her way biking through the campground after the sun goes down.


And when we aren’t camping – I keep it in the back of my car.  You never know when you will need emergency lighting!


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