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I am a HUGE fan of Dr. Seuss – There is no better way to learn to read and enjoy reading.  These books are so much fun.  Well Green Eggs and Ham was and is my absolute favorite.




And now you can get a Green Eggs and Ham – Read & Learn APP




This app is the second Oceanhouse Media and Dr. Seuss Enterprises educational book app.  Each Read & Learn app is designed to immerse the child in an interactive reading experience.  There are 30+ learning activities for children aged 3-6 where they can practice spelling, rhyming and other skills.  There will be more Read & Learn apps available later this year.




New features include:  animations to bring the story to life on each page; gesture based interactions – tapping, dragging, tilting and swiping provide surprises and moving the story along; and 30+ mini-game learning activities.




The app also has a kid-friendly interface and text scaffolding – tap the photos and labels appear.


This is such a fun app – a child really can’t help but have fun and learn at the same time – I call it accidental learning.  When we tilt our iphone – on certain screens that records moving as part of the animation.  When you find a hidden surprise you get to have fun with a quiz such as rhyming, spelling, colors and more.  If you click on items in the scene the label will appear such as ham, dog, collar, Sam etc…You can scroll to any spot in the book you would like or follow the book through the pages in order.  When I am asked to read at schools on Dr. Seuss Day – I always choose this book!  In the end – every child wants to try green eggs and ham!


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