Ozobot Bit – The Latest in Coding Fun

Ozobot Bit The Latest In Coding Fun


Robotics is at it again adding another fun friend to be a companion to the original and exceptional robot Ozobot. You may remember this fun little teaching tool that was designed to work along with any smart phone or tablet as a way to get children excited about coding.




This is an easy way to learn and next thing you know you will have a coding genius on your hands, now onto the Ozobot’s fun new friend. Introducing the Ozobot Bit. The same Ozobot design is in tact with this little coding professor. Small, round, and amazingly adorable is what you will get with the Ozobot Bit.



Still being known as one of the world’s smallest programmable robots. All the normal fun is still available with the Ozobot Bit but is bringing along some added bonuses.  The Ozobot Bit can sense colored lines, detect patterns, even intersecting lines, read flashing read lights, as well as execute a total of 500 commands. Yes you read that correctly, I said 500. Just imagine everything you can do!



The fun does not end there though. The Ozobot Bit adds in Google’s Blockly coding editor. What does that mean to the not so tech savy? Google’s Blockly coding editor is a place where developers can create codes by putting blocks together. It is a more visual and fun way to get a handle on code creating and development.



All in near-real time. The Ozobot Bit can dance, play games, compete, and so much more. Your imagination and limits of your creativity are literally the limits of your Ozobot Bit. If you do not limit it, it will never limit you. Play on your smart phone, tablet, tabletops, game boards, anywhere. All you have to do is create your code in your app then place your robot on the corresponding surface and press a button.



It cannot get any easier than that! The Ozobot Bit may not move at the speed of light but it does match other devices moving at 3.5 inches/second. Start working toward getting your kids or even yourself more a tune with the amazing world around us that is coding and robot management, you do not want to miss out another moment longer.




Get your Ozobot Bit right now. At only $59.99 (on Amazon) it is nothing compared to the knowledge gained about color based coding in a fun and interactive way.






Check it out in this video:

We are just in the beginning phases of playing with the Ozobot Bit.  My kids are middle school so it is taking them a little while to grasp the concepts but they are having a blast while working on it.  We also have the original Ozobot and this one takes the programming to a whole new level.  I can’t wait to see how far we can get with a little more time invested.  This is a great way for older children to learn while having fun.  Who doesn’t want a robot?



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