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Worry Eaters to Help Ease Your Child’s Worries

Worry Eaters

Worry Eaters 

The Worry Eaters Plush Toy is the only toy of its kind and it has recently become available in North America. It was created to help young kids deal with things in their lives that make them worry. Each one comes with a unique tag and large zippered mouth.


Every day our kids deal with many situations that they really are not equipped to handle and they become fearful. As parents, we want to help them as much as we can, but many times they are not able to verbalize them. So by having your child write down on the tag what they are worried about you are better able to talk to them about what is worrying them.


The Worry Eaters come in eight unique characters and two different sizes. The large plush toys are named Betti, Flamm, Bill and Flint and are 14” tall. The other four are called Schulli, Saggo, Enno and Polli and they come in both large and a smaller 9” tall size.


Key features of the Worry Eaters Plush Toy

  • ● Comes in 8 unique characters and two different sizes
  • ● It is covered in a soft velour material which makes it easy to cuddle
  • ● Helps to promote a healthy discussion between parents and their child
  • ● Machine wash safe





My Final Thoughts

The Worry Eaters Plush Toy has been such a success all throughout Europe and England for parents with kids that seem to have problems worrying.  We here in the U.S. were not able to get our hands on them, however, that has changed. Thanks to a domestic distributor named the Haywire Group, we here  in North America can get one for our kids.


Most young kids don’t have the capacity to know how to deal with things as adults can. As an adult we have developed several skills that help us to best deal with things that worry us. However our kids are not so lucky, so this is where the Worry Eater Plush Toy comes it.


The toy comes in several different unique models and comes with a specially designed tag and a zippered mouth. The tag has an easy to read instruction for your child to read. By writing the things down that worry them and placing it inside the toys mouth, it shows them that their worries are not so bad.


If you a young child that you suspect is showing signs of excessive worrying and you don’t know where to turn, the Worry Eaters Plush Toy just might be the answer. Just click here to see more information and see if Worry Eaters is what your child needs.


My daughter is an extreme worrier – panic and emotions come along with that.  We have tried many things to help her get through some of her worry but they have not been incredibly successful.  This Worry Eater is the most fun way to handle it.  It is kind of like a plushy dream catcher.  She doesn’t carry her Worry Eater around but she does sleep with him.  She places her worries in his mouth to feed him each night and both he and she are able to sleep soundly and peacefully.  She doesn’t have her worries and he has a full belly.


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