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Weight Loss – What Are You “Weighting” For?

Weight loss what are you weighting for


A few weeks ago we started a Biggest Loser style competition at work.  Now I have pretty much ignored the first few weeks.  Too many deadlines for work, family illnesses and preparing for a television debut.

But all of that is now behind me and today is day one (it goes until November so no time like the present).  How do I plan to start?  My go to diet is always Weight Watchers.  I have tried others but decade after decade Weight Watchers continues to have the most reliable long term results.  I can follow their plan on my own, online or by attending meetings.  I almost never have time to do meetings so following from home works best for me.

And best of all I can always find Weight Watchers Coupon Codes easily.  Their program is easy to follow and they make it as user-friendly as possible.  So what can be better than Weight Watchers Coupons to make it all possible?

So what are you “weighting” for?  I know I am starting today – day 1!  And I am very excited!


My gameplan is:

Drink more water and drink MORE

Include more fiber/protein

Reduce fat

Step away from the blog and work a little to get some exercise and bring my daughter with me – make it a family affair

Increase fruits and vegetables

Decrease carbs


Do you have any suggestions or tips you would like to add?  Feel free to leave them in comments.

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