Just Add Noodles For Tons Of Pool Fun

Just Add Noodles



Just Add Noodles


The first year pool noodles were on the market – they were quite a novelty.  Such a simple concept – yet completely effective at supporting persons of all ages in the water.

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Since then pool noodles have become far more than your basic noodles.  On The Stuff of Success I have done several posts about what to do with them for fun – and not just in the pool.  Our absolute favorite activities are creating obstacle courses in the back yard – no water involved at all.

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Don’t get me wrong though – we still do plenty with them at the pool.  We have the animal-ized pool noodles that have a seat o them and a head; we have the star shaped and really wide pool noodles.  But there are always new ways to use your basic dollar store pool noodles.

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One of the fun new ways to use pool noodles is with the Just Add Noodles float.  This is a patented pool float that simply uses two regular sized pool noodles cut down to 26 inch sections or you can use the inflatable noodles that are included in the package.  There is a head pillow and a foot pillow – the head holds three and the foot holds one.


There are straps that you can adjust to the correct position so you are either seated or you can float on your belly.  We all tend to prefer the reclined seated position.  This is not just for kids – I use it too!  In fact I love it but it seems every time I go to use it – one of the kids feels the need to use it.  Sliding adjustable straps have convenient markings so you can easily remember where to adjust it for your body height – up to 6’6” fully extended. $1 from every float goes to Water For People –www.waterforpeople.org. $60; www.justaddnoodles.com.


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