#Sponsored Trident Gum Completes Our Oral Health Routine @TridentGum

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There are so many different brands of gum out there now.  When I was a kid it seemed like there were maybe five different brands and not many flavors.  When there were five or so choices – our choice was always Trident Gum.  In fact, Trident Gum was the first national sugar-free gum in the US, and is the leading sugar-free gum brand.  Looking back – I am sure the reason I was allowed to have Trident was because it was sugar free.  Now – there are flavors for everything practically – something for every gum chewer of every age.

It really doesn’t matter how many brands there are though – Trident Gum is what we always choose, even now.  For me, it probably has alot to do with it being my gum of choice ever since I was a kid.  But our kids pick Trident as their gum of choice too without any input from us.



Trident Gum
There are so many reasons to stick with Trident – other than I grew up with it…  Trident has supported Oral Health America’s non-profit program Smiles Across America for the past 11 years, donating more than $2,500,000. This donation has helped more than two million underserved children get preventative dental care so they can have a healthy smile, an important part of overall health.

And next week – the week of September 20th:   For each pack of Trident purchased, Trident will donate 5¢ to Smiles Across America, up to $250K. Void in AL, MA and SC.  That donation is going to be phenomenal for Smiles Across America!

Trident Gum - Oral Health America

How do you ensure healthy oral care?  We all know brush and floss – but what else can you do?  Well for starters you can brush at least twice a day and for at least two minutes each time.  Many people do the brushing – it is the flossing routine that is often not a priority – and you should floss at least once per day.  Visiting a dentist every six months is also essential – keep your teeth clean and if by chance there is anything that needs to be addressed, you can catch it nice and early and fix it easily.

Lastly – chew Trident for 20 minutes after eating and drinking to help clean and protect teeth. In fact, 4 out of 5 Dentists surveyed would recommend Trident to their patients. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing mint flavor like Spearmint or a delicious fruit flavor like Tropical Twist, Trident has you covered and helps fight cavities.   My favorite is Cinnamon – always has been!  I am definitely a creature of habit.  My kids love the fruitier type flavors.

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