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This Hugs Babycare extra-large convex Baby Car Mirror does a great job of allowing me to see my grandson while he is in the back seat in a rear-facing car seat.  No matter how sunny it is, his image is crystal clear and there is no glare at all.  I can see him fully and I can still see completely out the rearview window.




This mirror is fully adjustable and it simply fits onto an adjustable rear headrest in seconds.  I do have several cars and I can’t use this on my Magnum as the rear headrests are one molded piece and there really is nothing to attach to.




This presents a problem for far more than a baby mirror – my next car is absolutely going to have adjustable rear headrests.  In my car that does have adjustable headrests though – I can always get a really good view and the perfect angle.




The Hugs Babycare mirror also doesn’t require any assembly – it is perfect straight out of the box.  I know I don’t have time to deal with assembly and as you can see this is all one piece.  The only thing I had to do was peel off the film on the mirror and tighten up the straps appropriately on the mirror so it fits the rear headrest perfectly.


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