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Sefcard Credit Card RFID Protector Sleeve #sefcard

Sefcard Credit Card RFID Protector Sleeve


Sefcard Credit Card RFID Protector Sleeve


The Sefcard Credit Card Protector Sleeve creates an impenetrable shield around your credit cards. It was designed to prevent the unauthorized access to credit cards using the newest chip technology.


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Magnetic strip technology is about to be phased out and it is being replaced with a new type of technology called RFID. This new type of system uses a small chip embedded in the card and the reader uses a small radio signal to momentarily activate the chip to authenticate each transaction.




Unfortunately, this technology can be easily accessed by thieves and you will not even know it. A simple device can be used to activate the RFID chip in your card by just getting close to you and you would have no idea it even happened.




Key features of the Sefcard Credit Card Protector Sleeve


  • Multilayer technology shield
  • Fits all RFID embedded credit cards
  • Prevents your card information from being stolen
  • Each sleeve has a unique design


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My Final Thoughts


I don’t consider myself tech savvy by any means, but I recently found out that at one of my credit card providers were switching to the new RFID chip cards. So, I thought it would be a good idea read up on it. What I found out was pretty ingenious and scary at the same time. I found out that can be easier to steal the information from the card without even having to touch it.


I was relieved to find out that there was a solution to the potential problem with the RFID technology and it comes in the form of a small sleeve. The Sefcard Credit Card Protector Sleeve acts like a shield to prevent the small radio signal from activating the chip on your card. Your card simply slips into the sleeve and still fits into the card slot of most wallets or billfold.


The card sleeves come in 8 unique designs which makes it easy for you have several of them in your wallet and protect all of your cards. Along with each purchase, you will receive a valuable ebook on identity theft that will come in handy.


If you have recently found out that one or more of your credit cards will be switched over to the new chip technology, make sure you are protected from thieves.


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