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About Geo Space Toy Company


GeoSpace Toy company has been creating and manufacturing toys for kids for more than 30 years. They sell toys of all kinds including games, activity toys and all of them are unique and different from most of the toys you will find on other sites on the Internet.




Keys to their success


  • Designed toys that can be used in a variety of ways
  • Many of the toys can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Toys were all made from high quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Everything is available online and delivered to your door
  • Order directly from the website


What products do they offer?


Geospace makes toys and activities for kids of all ages. They offer toys that fall into one of seven different categories; Flying Toys, Sports and Active Play, Remote Control, Water Toys, Mugz™, Beasty Buddies™ and Novelty. Each category of toys features several individual toys that they developed and manufactured to their exacting specifications and quality.


Flying Toys – This category is made up of 24 unique toys that can either fly, be launched or get tossed around through the air. These include flying discs, a baseball, a football, a slingshot launcher and several different rockets.


Sports and Active Play – This category is made of 24 unique toys designed for mostly outdoor fun and can be used by one or more kids together. These activities include stilts, pogo sticks, snowboard, launching rockets, foam discs, jumping ropes, anti-gravity boots and several other toys.


Remote Control – This category has four unique remote control vehicle sets to choose from. Depending on what your child’s skill level and interests will help to determine which of the four sets are right for them.


Water Toys – This category consists of 13 unique toys that were designed to be used either directly in the pool or are waterproof so they can safely be used in the pool. These toys include foam discs, aqua rocket launchers and carry all bags.


Mugz™ – This category consists of the exclusive line of personal ice cream and slushee makers. The four small, kid size ice makers can make a serving of ice cream or slushee treat in 3 minutes.


Beasty Buddies™ – This category includes 18 unique creatures that are made into plush animals and hats. These toys can be used in many different ways including role playing and other types of play.


Novelty – That category includes a wide variety of toys and activities at can be used in many different ways. These include spinning tops, sling shots and launching rockets.




We selected three of their most popular sets to be included in our review of GeoSpace Toy Company; Pump Rocket Air Archer, Bungee Blast Archer and Jump Rocket LED Night Shotz Set.




Pump Rocket Air Archer


The Geo Space Pump Rocket Air Archer combines the enjoyment of the high flying foam rocket and the bow and arrow. The package includes 3 foam rockets and 4 darts for many hours of fun for your kids. The combination of the pump action and the bungee string will propel the soft foam rocket/dart up to 150 feet. The launcher and rocket projectiles are fully waterproof so they can be used in and around a pool.


It is recommended for kids from 5 years and up, but there should always be plenty of parental supervision.




Bungee Blast Mini


The Geo Space Bungee Blast Mini is my kids all time favorite of all of the Geo Space toys. Its compact size can be a bit deceiving, It launches smaller foam rockets with the same velocity as the other full size launchers. The secret is the elastic cord hidden inside the air chamber which helps to magnify the power used to propel the rocket toward its target. The Bungee Blast Mini propels a foam rocket up to 75 feet.


It is recommended for kids from 3 years of age and older, but be sure to have plenty of adult supervision.




Jump Rocket LED Night Shotz Set


The Geo Space Jump Rocket LED Night Shotz Set is the perfect toy rocket set that can be safely used most anywhere. It comes with an authentic looking launch pad, three soft, foam rockets and stomp launcher. The stomp pad is capable of generating enough force to propel the soft foam rockets up to an altitude of 100 feet into the sky. Each rocket has a bright, LED bulb hidden inside the nose cone and it creates a cool light show, especially at night. The light is powered by tiny batteries inside that cannot be recharged or replaced.


It is recommended for kids 3 years of age and older, but it is always good to have plenty of adult supervision.


As a parent of active kids it is not always fun to find toys that will keep their interest piqued for more than a couple days. We have spent hours walking through our local toy and discount stores looking for toys and we really cannot find much.


These toys keep my kids entertained for hours – they are toys that result in active children and lots of laughter.


We would highly recommend Geospace Toy company for all parents and grandparent who are looking for some terrific toys for their kids and grandkids.


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