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Car Garbage Bag by DRIVE #driveandwin

Car Garbage Bag by DRIVE


Car Garbage Bag by DRIVE


Have you ever been waiting to be picked up by a friend and when they do get there you are very excited! Until, you open their car door. All you see is trash. Trash on the floor, on the seat, on the armrest, it is just everywhere in the confined space. Not wanting to hurt their feelings you gingerly wipe off the seat and step in. Moving around the trash on the floor until you have a clear square to at least set your feet in, hoping that none of it sticks to your shoes or is breakable. All you can wonder is how all of this could have been avoided…well look no further! Drive Auto Products has the answer for you!

Their Car Garbage Bag, this handy product is only $19.97 and is completely reusable. Mount the Car Garbage Bag wherever it is handy for you. The nylon strap is completely adjustable to allow you to hang it any where whether it is on the passenger door handle, console, front of the passenger seat, or around the back of the head rest. The Car Garbage Bag is made for your convenience. No more having to worry about your make shift trash bag leaking all over your car again.



The Car Garbage Bag by Drive Auto Products is leak and water prof! The way they accomplished this feat is by double lining and insulating the product with an innovated water prof fabric that also makes it more sturdy and gives it the ability to hold more trash without a problem. As an added bonus Drive Auto Products is also giving away a roll of 20 Trash liners with every order. Just another way they are making your life more convenient. It is time that you take the time out of cleaning out the car every week.

Those minutes can be better spent elsewhere. Get your children a Car Garbage Bag for in front of their seats and you will no longer have to worry about the clutter after a long car ride. You will no longer have to wonder where you are going to put those drive threw containers after your lunch on the go. The Car Garbage Bag was made to work so you do not have too. No more lugging your trash can over to your car to get all the trash out at the end of the month. Simply pull the bag out of your Car Trash Bag, tie it, and throw in a new liner and go. No mess, and no fuss. Isn’t it time that you made your life easier?


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