LiveFresh Blotting Paper #teamlivefresh

LiveFresh Blotting Paper

LiveFresh Blotting Paper

LiveFresh is an all organic company; using natural oils and plants to help their customers lead a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. They are a small family-owned and operated company. They take pride in their product and strive for excellence in their customer service.

LiveFresh blotting paper are oil absorbing sheets that are voted #1 Best oil blotting sheets. These blotting sheets are infused with natural abaca leaf fibers are well as green tea. These natural ingredients soothe and protect your skin. All while giving you a fresh and light feeling. These wonderful sheets are safe to use while wearing makeup. They are guaranteed to not smudge or remove your makeup.  LiveFresh uses finely woven linen as a way to not irritate even the most sensitive skin.

The slim package is portable and can be stored in tight spots such as your purse, desk, or even your pocket. They are in a pack of 100 sheets and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for only $7.99 on  These blotting papers also come with a bonus ebook which is called “27 Natural Skin Care Secrets.” This is emailed to you in a PDF format once you have purchased this amazing product.

This product is used for people with oily skin. They are convenient and adhere to people with every skin type. If you have sensitive skin or skin that easily dries out you are sure to not have to worry about irritation. Just by simply wiping your face you can remove all the dirt and grime from your pores and reduce the amount of visible oils on your skin.

I like this product because I have oily skin; especially during the summer months. I can use them no matter where I am and it doesn’t matter whether I’m wearing makeup or not. LiveFresh blotting papers easily removes the nasty, unattractive oils without smudging or messing up my makeup. I don’t have to worry about my skin drying out or breaking out from any type of reaction.  

Using this product is both affordable and environmentally friendly. They are made for people on the go, who still don’t want to have to worry about greasy oil buildup on their skin. LiveFresh Blotting Paper are eco-friendly and convenient to use. With the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee you are absolutely going to be pleased or you get your money back – no questions asked.


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