Switching to Teak Furniture!

Teak Furniture


We spend six months a year camping at a resort campground.  The result being that we always have outdoor furniture at home as well as at the campground that takes a great deal of use and abuse.  We constantly need to replace pieces of the furniture and I have finally decided it just makes more sense to pay more – and get much better furniture that can last a lifetime.


My search has led me to teak chairs at and there are so many incredible options available.


They have so many pieces and designs that would totally accentuate our lot at the campground as well as last forever AND be comfortable!  After all – we spend far more time on the outdoor furniture at the campground than inside the camper – the whole point is to be outside as much as possible and enjoy the world.




This Jewels of Java Half Moon set would be perfect around the open fire – toasting marshmallows, having good conversations with friends and family.




And we would not be complete without the Jewels of Java Fanback Teak Garden Glider – I can sit outside and glide while holding my grandson or just plain old glide and relax – all things we don’t make time for at home.



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  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    These pieces of teak furniture look beautiful. I am glad that they are also comfortable. I would love to sit on that glider right now.

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