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The MilkWise Truck Came to the Maine Mall 10/11/15 #ad #IC #MilkWise @BeMilkWise

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for MilkWise. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Visiting the Milkwise truck



MilkWise is better!


Columbus Day weekend is a huge weekend at the campground – biggest of the year for sure.  But we have been going to the campground for years so we look for other fun during the day and today we visited the Maine Mall and the MilkWise truck.  PS. – My daughter just came from something where she decided to sport this snazzy stick on mustache….




There were samples of vanilla MilkWise milk and original MilkWise milk.  I have never had vanilla milk and I have to say – it may become my “go to” breakfast drink.




They also had mini carrot muffins from a local baker – Two Fat Cats Bakery – and they were also delicious – particularly when paired with the vanilla milk.    My daughter was more than happy to sample each flavor of milk!  Now having said I love the vanilla – the original was nice and creamy and would be perfect in a nice bowl of Special K cereal!




Isn’t that truck just the cutest thing ever?  When I heard the MilkWise truck was going to be at the Maine Mall I thought it would be a trailer truck.  We walked around the outside of the entire mall – getting plenty of exercise – while searching for the truck.  Only to figure out it was inside the mall – who would have thought that?!




Those of us who count calories, no matter our motivation, know that little changes to what we eat and drink can positively affect our health in a big way. While some changes feel easy, such as opting for “light” peanut butter, or diet soda, other swaps can prove less palatable. For instance, when we feel like enjoying a nice, cold glass of milk, but we only have the option of a watery, unsatisfying glass of skim, we start to wonder why a more satisfying alternative doesn’t exist? After all, we don’t want to feel like we’re sacrificing.  In my case – I will actually opt to not drink milk because I just will not drink that watered down version of milk.  MilkWise is creamy and delicious while also remaining low in calories.




MilkWise is a new, innovative milk beverage that has just hit the New England markets.  It has fewer calories, less sugar and more calcium than traditional dairy milk.  It is specifically designed for milk lovers who aren’t getting what they desire from their current beverage choice.   MilkWise is a fresh new way to love dairy and feel good about drinking (and serving) it without leaving the dairy aisle.


MilkWise is available in Vanilla, Original and Reduced Sugar Vanilla for approximately $2.99 each.


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