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The Car Sun Shade Keeps Your Car Cool #sunshade

The Car Sun Shade Keeps Your Car Cool


If you’re tired of a hot car on those scorching days  then this is the product for you. This car sun shade is able to reflect 95% of the sun’s rays and can protect your car from 99% of UV damage. It’ll keep the heat out which means no burning toosh or hands. This sunshade fits almost any kind of car and with a retractable easy to store design it can be easily stored in any place in your car. This product also has a 1 year money back guarantee and a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

    With the heat we had this past summer and continue to sporadically have, this product is a life saver. I can’t stand to sit in the car after being out of it and having the sun beating directly into it.. The burning hot seats and buckles; are the uncomfortably hot steering wheel are definitely not something I looked forward to after having to getting out of the car even to go into the store for a few minutes. After getting this sun shade I didn’t have to worry about the heat burning me or my children. The car cooled down in seconds and you could sit directly on the seats without being uncomfortable and jumping in pain. My son was ecstatic that his buckle of his carseat didn’t burn him and that his seat wasn’t burning hot.  This product is a definite life saver.   

    I would recommend this product to just about everyone. If you hate being burned by your seats or having to wait for your car to cool down in order to touch the steering wheel then you should definitely get one of these! It’s worth the money & is beyond helpful on the days when the sun is very bright and unforgiving. Stop dealing with the hassle of finding a shady space to park and praying for a space you see to stay available while you get to it ; buy one of these Car Sun shade by ShopperSmart.

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