Lenoxica Sandwich Cutters with a BONUS Memory Card Game #Lenoxica_Cutters

Lenoxica Sandwich Cutters with a BONUS Memory Card Game


Lenoxica Sandwich Cutters with a BONUS Memory Card Game


Do you have a hard time getting your kid to eat plain old boring sandwiches? With the fun shapes, you can help your kids enjoy preparing and eating their sandwiches. This kitchen gadget comes in a fun pink heart and blue dinosaur shape. They are made out of plastic making them 100% kid safe. As a bonus this product comes with a memory card game. This game will help with your child’s memory and concentration while making mealtime fun even for the pickiest eaters. They can be used to make party food fun and are easy to use. All you have to do is make your sandwich, place than cutter on it, and push down to cut- in seconds you have a fun and intriguing meal even for the pickiest kid!

    My two year old son is a picky eater. He had no interest in eating his lunches and we had tried everything to try to get him to eat any sandwich. He rejected everything from PB&J to tuna fish. We ordered these cutters in hopes that would solve our picky-eater problem. To our amazement it did! He fell in love with the dinosaur shapes and they definitely made mealtime more enjoyable for everyone. He will now eat his lunch with no problem and loves to even help make them. This product has taken the stress out of mealtime and given us our piece of mind back.

    I would highly recommend this product to parents with young kids! If you have a hard time getting your little one to eat their meals then this could be your solution. They are fun and easy to use. The awesome shapes are great for any occasion and make sandwiches look more appealing. The cutters are easy to clean and child safe so even your little one can help prepare their meals. The memory game is a fun way to help with their memory and concentration. Meal time won’t only be fun and nutritious but educational as well.


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