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The Little London Bakery – Silicone Cupcake Cups #littlelondoncupcakecups

The Little London Bakery - Silicone Cupcake Cups

The Little London Bakery – Silicone Cupcake Cups

It has recently become common practice to insure that we as humans are wasting less, and saving more. This is the same concept with cans, plastic, paper, and food. Bakers, like many other people are trying to find ways to make improvements in their area of craft when it comes to wasting less. An area where they are receiving assistance in this endeavor is cupcake and muffin backing. The Little London Bakery has created a product that every baker that is attempting to be more conscious of the environment will love. They are Reusable Silicon Baking Cups. These baking cups are a must have for any sweets maker.


Each set comes with 24 reusable silicon baking cups in a variety of six bright colors, blue, orange, pink, green, yellow, and purple. Each baking cup is FDA approved for food use making them completely safe for yourself and family, not to mention all the people that will want your treats after they see these cute baking cups. Spice up any party by baking your sweet treats in The Little London Bakery’s reusable silicon baking cups then smile at the easy clean up after the fact. All you have to do to clean up these cups is give them a good rinse; the residue will just fall away. No time to clean them by hand?


No worries. These colorful baking buddies are completely dishwasher safe, and yes you read that right. Just pop them into the dishwasher with the rest of your cookware and walk away. It is as easy as that. They are even stain resistant to give your treats the perfect look every time. On top of the easy cleanup you will be saving yourself money with every use. Having to buy baking cups every time you want to make a treat starts to add up in cost as well as time spent running to the store. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just open up a kitchen drawer or cupboard and be able to grab your reusable silicon baking cups? The Little London Bakery thinks so. Storage is even simple with the added plastic cylinder shaped box that comes with every purchase. What could be any better than saving yourself money, saving the environment, and making clean up easy all while providing a cute display for all of your baking fun? It is time to take the next step into the baking future and get yourself a set now.


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  • Mary Beth Elderton

    I have these! I have two sets and bought some for my DIL, too. I love them! I use them a lot—nothing sticks to them. They just peel right off anything baked…even eggs. I run them through the dishwasher–no problem.

  • Deb E

    I have a small set and love them. I’m starting to collect more silicone kitchen items since they perform so well and are pretty cute with all the colors too.

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