The Pakpod All-Terrain Tripod – 11 Days Left on Kickstarter!

The Pakpod All-Terrain Tripod


Pakpod All Terrain Tripod


Photographers everywhere are contently trying to take their work to new heights each and every passing day. They photograph what was once not considered picture worthy. Go to deeper and less traveled parts of the worlds. As well as take the time to bring a voice to those that normally do not get that chance or have that luxury in life. With this in mind it is no wonder that these amazing artists are contently looking for the newest and most up to date innovation that allows them to complete these feats in the most effective and time managed way possible. After all no one likes having to re-take the same shot fifty times to get it right.



On top of that there are always those moments where you only have one chance to get the picture right before the moment is gone. For a lot of artists this means having the most stable and reliable platform for you camera to be held on. Pakpod, has acknowledged this problem and brought about a solution that will be a miracle to the photography and videography world. Pakpod is an all-terrain tripod that will never let you down. Now when I say all-terrain I mean it.



This tripod can go underwater, attach to rock walls, be light enough to not sink in sand, and sturdy enough for even uneven terrain with each stake being individually adjustable up to 180 degrees. Where you go, Pakpod can go. All Pakpods are made to last with an ABS and Stainless steel construction that is equipped with 3 states and 36 mounting holes for any location. When you enter a new terrain there is no worry on stability with the Pakpod, just switch between one of the three attachment tools and get right back to that next shot.



As an added bonus, the whole Pakpod will never weigh you down since it only weighs a whole 15oz at its heaviest moment. So you do not have to worry about lugging around another piece of heavy equipment. The world is your playground and even more so with the proper additions to your photography collection. The Pakpod it the easiest to deploy tripod that you will ever come across and is a must have companion. Get rid of the prospect of a blurred shot due to wobble. Never worry about getting your body into an odd angle again. Let the Pakpod do all the work and in the end all you will have to do is enjoy the view.

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