Touchscreen Gloves Urban Style by GliderGloves #glidergloves

Touchscreen Gloves Urban Style by GliderGloves

Glider Gloves


Created by Glider Gloves these texting gloves are warm, stylish, and convenient. They are the warmest touch screen gloves available for both men and women. They are made out of a versatile material making your whole hand compatible with any touchscreen device. They are proven to have the best in class accuracy and precision. They have soft insulation making them comfortable and warm; as well as a honeycomb pattern to give you a better grip on your precious devices.

I am a definite texting feine.The winters are the worst. I hated having to take my gloves off to text or even just open my phone and as far as i am concerned the one fingered texting gloves did nothing for my hands temperature or my texting needs. I took a leap of faith on these gloves. Hoping they would not only enhance my texting while being in the cold but would also keep my hands toasty. To my absolute excitement they did! I am now able to keep my hands from being frozen and I have full function of my phone!




These are a definite must have for teens or anyone with a love for their touchscreen device. If you hate to have your fingers frozen while you have to take your phone out to answer it, then these are the gloves for you! You will be able to have full use of your device and be warm during those frigid days.

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