USB Car Charger W Built-in 2800mAh Power Bank #usbcarcharger

USB Car Charger W Built-in 2800mAh Power Bank

USB Car Charger W Built-in 2800mAh Power Bank

This car charger features a 2015 award winning design! It features exclusive SI technology that will smartly identify your devices and maximize its charging speed. You can charge two devices at once thanks to the double USB ports and it has a built in power bank to charge your cell phone. This product also has a guaranteed safety and built to last quality that has  power short circuit protection; as well as over-current, over-voltage, and over-load protection to ensure safe and successful charging. This product created by Jelly Comb also features temperature protection so that your device will never overheat and it comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. It features a smart and sleek looking design with slight futuristic look to it.

My phone is always dying as is my sons tablet. I hated having to wait until my phone was charged to plug in his tablet and have it charged enough to stop his hysteria in the long car rides to grandmas. I always wanted to pull all my hair out due to the amount of issues only being able to charge one device at a time caused.  What was intended to be a calm and peaceful drive always seemed to end with tears and frustration. Then I found this product and in immediate desperation i ordered it in hopes of being able to finally create a peaceful and productive drive to family events. Our first trip was a success! But I waited until the drive home to get too excited. It was my luck for something to go wrong! To my absolute pleasant surprise his tablet didn’t die on either trips and we didn’t have total chaos in the car. Only the sound of music, talking, and disney appisodes filled our car. I will never trade this product for something different. It has definitely saved our sanity!


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This charger is made for the busy bees of the world. If your devices are always dying and your current charging situation isn’t helping you in any way then you should definitely order this life changing power bank car charger. You can charge your devices in and out of your car. You will never have to wait for your phone to charge to get directions to the important business conference you’re already going to be late for or listen to the hysterical crying of a irritated and bored toddler on those long family adventures. Take the chance on this amazing product and get some of your sanity back!


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