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EasyMDTech Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount #EasyMDTech

EasyMDTech Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount


This is an awesome Magnetic Air Vent mount – that is easy to install and can easily support up to any size phone.  I can swivel it to any direction so no matter what I get the perfect angle for viewing my phone.  And when my daughter is sitting in the passenger seat she can easily maneuver it so she can change the songs and do what she wants.


I have an iPhone 6 plus.  It is not always (actually almost never) convenient to try and fit my phone into some sort of clamp on a traditional mount.  I need two hands to do it – which isn’t really possible, especially while driving.  But I can easily lift it off the magnetic mount and put it back on – no real effort required.


The vent mount is rubber and easy to install – while also staying put quite well.  I haven’t had it fall off with bumps or anything.  Simply stays right there.


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