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Zubels Holiday Fun #ZUBELS

Zubel's Holiday Fun




Introduction is nice website that offers a wide range of products that are mostly knitted or crocheted from 100% cotton yarns and some clothing made from mostly cotton fabrics. The items are hand knitted or hand crocheted and this gives everything that special charm.




Products available on the website features a wide range of products for both boys and girls from clothing, toys, hats and booties. Their products are organized into five separate categories to make it easy to find what you are looking for. Each of the following categories are listed on Toys, Kids Sweaters, Kids Hats, Booties and Kids Pants.


Details about three favorite toys is now one of my most favorite websites when it comes to finding toys for toddler. My daughter really enjoyed three of the toys we picked out for her from Zubels. The three that she loved so much were their Blue Nutcracker Soldier, Ralphy the Reindeer- the 7-inch Rattle and Lil’ Dimples Santa Claus.




Blue Nutcracker Soldier – The 100% cotton hand knitted toy soldier/nutcracker is 14” tall and would be perfect for a child a little bit older baby or older toddler.


Ralphy the Reindeer (7 inch rattle) – The Ralphy Reindeer 7-inch Rattle is perfect for small hands. It is knitted from 100% cotton yarn. It also comes as a 12-inch plush toy, as well.


Lil’ Dimples Santa Claus – The Lil’ Dimples line of toys are small 4” tall characters that are all hand crocheted out of 100% cotton yarn. They are designed to be able to be clipped to a stroller, diaper bag or back pack. The Lil’ Dimples Santa Claus is the one my daughter just fell in love with.





I am so glad I was able to find, it was the best thing we found on the Internet in a long time. When it came to finding toys and things for our young toddler, it was really difficult to find good choices are our local toy stores. So one day I was surfing the Internet and I came across this website that offers the most adorable items I have ever seen.


Most of what they offer is either knitted or crocheted and are made especially for young children. They make toys, knitted hats, crocheted toys, plush toys and several types of children’s clothing. I started showing my daughter the things that they had and she picked out three things she really liked; the Blue Nutcracker Soldier, Ralphy the Reindeer (7-inch Rattle) and Lil’ Dimples Santa Claus.





I was really thrilled that not only did she like them on the computer screen, but she liked them even more when she got her little hands on them. She and I would highly recommend


If you are looking for some soft toys for your young child to play with you should check out They have several toys and clothing for your toddler.


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