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My Daughter Meets Paige From The Springfield Doll Collection @sfdolls

Springfield Doll Collection


Why We Love Springfield Dolls

When my daughter first began showing her interest in American Girl Dolls, I had nightmares of me clutching onto my wallet as a Godzilla sized doll chased me through the city. I was not looking forward to spending over $100 for a doll that she was going to lose interest in within a few months, so I had to come up with a solution quickly. I did some research and stumbled across Springfield Boutique dolls, a doll company similar to American Girl dolls for ¼ of the price! Although Springfield Boutique dolls are not customizable, they do offer a reasonable array of diversity which is something that I was immediately impressed with.




About the Company

Springfield Dolls has been in business since 1996 and was developed in order to allow girls to display their inner fashionista while also maintaining reasonable prices for parents! The Springfield collection carries offers 5 different dolls to choose from as well as over 79 outfit options, 41 shoe options, 37 options for accessories, and even furniture and gift sets! From what I saw on the website, the most expensive item is $45 dollars, but the majority of items offered are below $15 which is a STEAL. According to the company, the mission with every Springfield Collection is to “provide girls with fashion, fun and friendship.”




My Daughter’s Feedback

It’s safe to say my daughter and Paige (the doll) are attached at the hip – there isn’t a moment that she doesn’t have this doll somewhere in her vicinity (except while she is in school). It’s actually gotten so bad that she wants to take her in the bath with her, but since the body portion of the doll is stuffed I don’t allow her in the tub too often. The main thing my daughter loves about Paige is the fact that, although she wasn’t customized, she still looks like her, which allows her to play “mommy.”  I can’t imagine any doll looking more like my daughter than Paige – they even have the same eyes! This doll has also given her such a confidence boost and has allowed her to expand her imagination in ways I never imagined possible. When I asked my daughter how she feels about her doll, here’s literally what she said:

“I love my doll because she lets me dress her up in anything I want and she can be whatever I want her to be. She can be ballerina, a doctor, a princess, Sophia the First, a baby and my mini-me because she looks like me and has hair like me. I want to play with her all day and I’m never going to play with anything else ever again cause she’s the only doll I wanna play with. And I love that she gets new clothes every month, and shoes and bows and headbands because then I can dress her up in them and she can stay pretty.”


Springfield Doll Outfit


The Current State of my Wallet

For far less than the price of an American Girl Doll my daughter can continually purchase new outfits to keep her entertained and add to her collection.  It will be a long time before we even come close to spending what we would have spent on one single doll.

What I didn’t know is that they carry this collection at Jo-Ann fabrics. I’m not sure how long this has been going on, but this will definitely save me some money on shipping costs! I’m so excited to go see what outfits they are carrying, but apparently the collection of clothes that will be offered at Jo-Ann Fabrics will include:

  • Panda T-shirt with silver sequin skirt
  • Pink T-shirt with metallic heart and denim jeggings with embellishments (we have this one)
  • Blue hi-low shirt with silver glitter design and black tuxedo pants with silver trim on sides
  • Cropped top with 2 color star and striped tank underneath and solid black leggings
  • Metallic sweatshirt and polka dot pants in blue
  • Friendship printed T-shirt with silver glitter design on black sleeve and polka dot pants in pink
  • White T-shirt with Paris print, floral printed leggings and pink patent shoes
  • Lavender hooded jacket, athletic pants and lavender trimmed shoes
  • Lime Camisole, polka dot pajama pants and lamb slippers
  • Pink shrug over polka dot top, jean skirt and polka dot shoes
  • Purple gown with gold glitter design on purple tulle, white gloves and black patent shoes

When I read this list to my daughter she asked, “…so does that mean she can get more than one outfit a month?” No, my child. No, it does not.

I am so relieved to know that I didn’t have to break the bank (this time) in order for my daughter to be pleased with her doll. Parents, if you’re looking for a comparable, reasonably priced option to the American Girl Doll, check out the Springfield Doll Collection at your local Jo-Ann Fabric store. I honestly attest to the fact that you will get your money’s worth and then some! With so many items to choose from, the possibilities are pretty much endless and your child will be able to express her creativity and fashion sense through her doll without sending you to the poor house in the process.


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