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Zenfuze Sport Water Bottle Infuser #zenfuze

Zenfuze Infusing Water Bottle


Unique 3-in-1 Premium Zenfuze Sport Water Bottle

The Unique 3-in-1 Premium Zenfuze Sports Water Bottle will end the blah’s of plain water forever. It’s unique infusing system introduces fresh fruit and infuses the juices into every sip you take. The infusing tube allows the fruit to be added at the bottom or top of the bottle or simply not at all. The positioning of the fruit will directly affect how quickly the juices mix with the water. You can also choose to put ice cubes in the infusion chamber, which will help to chill the water.

The spout is extra large so that you can get refreshed a whole lot quicker and the flip top locks securely in place. The bottle is made of a scratchproof clear TRITAN material that is 100% BPA-free. The clear characteristic of the bottle also makes it easier to keep clean.



● Locking flip top stays securely in place to prevent leaking

● Drinking spout is extra large

● Holds 27oz. of water

● Made from a BPA-free Tritan material that is scratch resistant

● It is see through which makes it easier to clean

I decided that it was about time that I make some healthy changes in my life. My doctor told me a great place to start would be getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. He also also recommended that I drink more water to ensure that I keep properly hydrated.


I am not exactly thrilled with drinking just plain water, but i also know most of flavored waters are filled with so much sugar. I remember reading that some people put fresh fruits in their water bottle and the juices mix with the water for a natural fruity flavor.


I found that the Unique 3-in-1 Premium Zenfuze Sports Water Bottle is a much more effective way to infuse my water with the nourishing goodness of juices from fresh fruits. The fruit is held inside a special chamber in the middle of the bottle and water surrounds it. You can use it in one of three ways, the fruit at the bottom, top on not at all. You can also fill the chamber with ice cubes and chill the water before you drink it.


If you are looking for a new sports water bottle that is different from most all others, you should checkout the Unique 3-in-1 Premium Zenfuze Sports Water Bottle for yourself.


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  • Diane Obrien

    I recently purchase a zenfuze bottle. I would like to register it now for the FREE extended one year warranty. Does this message do that?

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