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The Magic Pads


The newest and most revolutionary craze to hit skincare was created by Rob Harmon who is a makeup and hairstylist extraordinaire. This product is called The Magic Pads! They are a crazy and unique blend of glycolic acid, organic willow bark, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E in an organic Aloe Vera juice base. These miracle pads will organically clear blemishes, tighten and smooth skin, exfoliate, tone skin, shrink pores, as well as clarify and hydrate skin in one simple swish of a single pad!

As a stressed mother of one toddler boy (soon to be two), I get horrible stress acne and those “OH NO! CAREFUL” heart attack moments are taking a serious toll on my skin! I have huge bags (and puffs) under my eyes and my pores are huge; not to mention my once beautiful tightened wrinkle free skin is starting to wrinkle! On top of that who has time to do a full facial mask and actually fully wash your face the way it truly should be washed when you’re trying to keep a toddler off the top of the recliners while he is trying to “fly” and out of the toilet!? Definitely not this momma! These pads are a true lifesaver! My acne is finally clearing up and my once tighten skin is finally starting to return! I love that it isn’t a project to clean my face! I can grab my little man with one arm as he’s about to attempt his newest daredevil project off the couch while wiping the nasty and unwanted oils from my skin! The Magic Pads have definitely given me my confidence back!


Magic pads



I would recommend these to anyone who wants so badly to have beautiful, amazing skin but doesn’t have the time for a long complex facial or for the daily scrubbing treatments. These are great for mother’s, busy worker bees, or teens who almost always miss the bus (or come close)!


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