Monster Pile-On For Ages 2+ – Also Great For Children With Special Needs #Autism

Monster Pile-On



Welcome to Monster Pile-On by Haba USA!  I am always on the lookout for some awesome multi-age games.  I have two special needs children as well as a grandchild at home.  We all have a great time with even the games for preschool age.  It allows everyone to just have fun and not focus on being competitive.   Plus for my grandson and my older son who is autistic – it helps to have games that have educational components.


Monster Pile-On Box


As an added bonus my husband is an elementary school principal and I am also a public school administrator.  This is kind of “what we do”…


Everything about this set is excellent quality – the only thing that would make it better is some sort of more permanent box.  The pieces themselves will last for generations – the cardboard box won’t though so we will be transferring to some sort of plastic storage solution.


This is a great alternative to traditional brick building games.  It also allows opportunities for sorting, matching, stacking and counting.  It does take hand eye coordination which is not only helpful for my grandson but also with the fine motor skill issues of my son.


Check Monster Pile-On out at as well as some of their other great games and toys.



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