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Powerful Rechargeable Electric Foot Callus Remover #CalluRemover

Powerful Rechargeable Electric Foot Callus Remover


We’re on our feet all day, all the time. Our feet take a real beating and everyone knows the feeling of having callused and rough feet, and it isn’t a good one! There are thousands of callus removers and it can be hard to determine which one is a good for the price. The MEDca Electric Foot Callus Remover removes calluses safely and effectively. Aside from using it to remove calluses, it can be used on the heels of your feet to remove cracked or flaking skin and it usually only takes a few minutes to do at most!

The product has a simple design and doesn’t take very long to figure out how to use. Alongside that, it comes with two high-speed spinning rollers that can be interchanged easily. The first roller helps with the tough skin on your feet and is designed to remove either stubborn or tough skin. Both rollers can generally be used for the same purpose but the second is geared towards giving a normal pedicure and buffing away dry skin. The rollers may seem intimidating but are still very usable on people with sensitive skin, as they are designed to scrub your calluses and feet while still keeping the skin undamaged underneath.

Keep in mind that it is not waterproof and should not be submerged in water. However, it is rechargeable which is a huge plus since you’ll never have to deal with changing out the batteries. The charge allows the remover to work for about 30 minutes tops, and it should be recharged after each use or two. It comes with a connecting power cord included that can be plugged into either 120 or 240V power outlets for this purpose.

The MEDca Remover is unisex and both men and women can use it with ease. I would recommend the product for anyone who is in need of a cheap, at-home pedicure, or for a gift for the holidays. Aside from being a universal product that everyone can use, it is also fairly cheap. Especially for women, we all know the struggle of spending a small fortune to get a pedicure at the salon. With MEDca’s Callus Remover, you can have the same pedicure experience at home and for less than half the price. This product retails for $19.99 on and comes with all necessary parts included. For Amazon Prime users, it can be shipped and delivered within the next few days. Overall, the product is a great one whether for yourself or for a gift, and at that price should be an essential part of your routine.


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