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Make Corndogs at Home With the Cutie Cakes Pan




Love Cooking Company has set out with a mission to make baking a simple task. Partnered with some great names in the baking and entertainment industries, Love has crafted bakeware that helps you easily achieve the best-looking baked goods on the table, from filled cakes to bite-size desserts and more.


Love Cooking Company Pans


The PushPan is a 100% watertight and leak-proof cake pan with a patented silicone-lined removable base making it perfect for cheesecakes, pies and more! An alternative to a spring-form pan, you simply place the pan on something sturdy, press the sides down, and voila – the perfect cake! The PushPan also comes with a 25 year warranty.



The Mrs. Fields Cutie Cakes  pan creates 48 bite-size cakes when you need a small amount of something sweet. It’s ideal for savory options, like mini corn dogs or potato pancakes. After you create your tiny treats, just pop the pan in the dishwasher.



The Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip  is the easiest way to make a layered cake and create a surprise center that everyone will love. Once you bake your cake, add filling to the side with the large opening, place the non-filled layer on top, and enjoy! Plus, the pan is dishwasher-safe, making clean-up a breeze.




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We spent all day today cleaning out the basement/garage.  You all know just how much that can stink.  Then it was time to make supper and who has the energy for that after such a busy day – with tremendous progress!  I wanted to make something quick, easy and not too bad for us.  My husband and I are on a diet so we really need to think our meals through.  I decided to use the Cutie Cake pan to make some corndogs.


There are so many different ways to make corndogs in this pan but I will show you which method I did today.


Bite Sized Corndogs



First you need some sort of corn muffin mix or recipe.  This time I am using Jiffy Corn Muffin mix – it is what I had on hand and we use it often.  Mix according to the directions on the box with milk and eggs.


I also use Nathan’s 50% reduced fat hot dogs – I actually prefer fat free but the rest of the family doesn’t care for that.  We can agree on 50% reduced fat.


Spray the Cutie Pan with a baking spray, fill each compartment with corn muffin batter and place a slice of the hotdog on top, pushing it down a little.


Making corndogs


Bake for about 8-10 minutes – do not bake according to the muffin mix directions.  They bake much more quickly in the bite sized Cutie Cakes pan.


And they're done...



Grab a plate, add a little ketchup if you’d like and indulge…





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