Texas Donut Muffins – Cake Mix Shortcuts

Texas Donut Muffins - Cake Mix Shortcuts



My kids decided tonight that they absolutely had to have donuts.  We don’t often have donuts in the house but occasionally they do ask.  And at a night time hour – it isn’t as easy to come up with donuts.  But far be it from me to let that deter me.


First – I always have cake mix on hand.  If I have cake mix I feel like I can make anything.  I have already made so many different non cake like recipes with cake mix so I had an idea who to make something with the appropriate taste and consistency.


You can halve this recipe for a normal sized batch but I double it because we have 9 people in our house – everything gets doubled or tripled around here.


Donut Muffins


I used one box of yellow cake mix and one of white – partly because that is what I had and partly because that is what I wanted to use….

Add in 2 eggs, 3/4 cup vegetable oil, 3/4 cup water


Mix it all up well and scoop into a muffin tin or a tin with muffin cup liners (my favorite)…


Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 15 minutes or so.


When they are done and you are ready to eat – I suggest you eat one while they are warm since they are so delicious warm! – spray the top with a bit of butter spray and coat the top with confectioners sugar.  You can add sprinkles or anything else to personalize your donut muffin.  Have fun with it – if you wish you could even put a glaze on it but I didn’t do that – we are huge confectioners sugar fans.


Be warned – they are delicious!

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