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Watch Minder


Have you ever wished you had a personal assistant? We could all use someone to run our errands or follow us around. You’d receive a friendly tap on the shoulder each time you needed a reminder or a cue as to what comes next in your busy day. The WatchMinder vibrating watch and reminder system is the ideal tool that can aid you or someone you love in taking care of those important tasks and reminders that can’t be missed. Unlike mobile phone alarms and beeping wrist watches, however, WatchMinder serves as a discreet vibrating reminder that will not prove a disruption in classroom environments.


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Watchminder was invented by Dr. Laurence Becker, a licensed child psychologist specializing in attention deficits and learning disorders. With Dr. Becker’s initial prescription of Watchminder, Dr. Becker found that both parents and children reported an improvement in their relationships with one another. The WatchMinder prompted the kids to perform certain tasks or modify behaviors, and the parents did not have to nag their children to accomplish those tasks. This, in turn, enabled the children to self-monitor and become more efficient at handling their own chores and behaviors. The positive reinforcement came from the watch itself: each quiet but distinct reminder to “Pay Attention” or “Be Positive” allows the wearer of the device to work independently. Students with ADHD or other learning differences also use it for time management, organizing schedules, and medication reminders.

WatchMinder has also been instrumental in helping adults with a host of other issues. Individuals with certain wellness goals set the device to remind them when it is time to meditate or monitor breathing patterns. Some folks even use WatchMinder as part of a rehabilitation regimen. The watch can serve as an assistive device for Alzheimer’s patients, stroke victims, and persons suffering from traumatic brain injuries. Quite frankly, just about anyone could benefit from wearing a watch that can provide personalized reminders.

WatchMinder comes in four colors: red, blue, black, and white. It offers the option to program some 30 daily reminders, personalized to actually what you want the vibrating reminder to read on the screen. The watch is rechargeable and bears a sporty style. It would be comfortable to wear at home, work, school, and the gym. You would certainly have to pay that hypothetical personal assistant quite a lot to follow you to all of those various places. Opt for a WatchMinder instead. Its friendly reminders can keep anyone on task to their best selves.


I am using this to help my 15 year old autistic son start to be more responsible for some of his own personal responsibilities.  He can do them – but to remember to do them is difficult.  For example he can take his own pills if I set them up and he gets a reminder.  He can get himself out the door to school if he has a reminder; he will take a shower if he has a reminder.


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